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Richard A. Average

Mobydyptera cover-crop.jpg
By Richard A. Average

Mobydyptera is a seafaring rollercoaster ride told in erudite pipe-in-cheek style. It's the story of a young follower of the obscure philosopher Catallanus, at odds with family and friends, who finds himself shanghaied aboard a strange ship where darkness, distrust, and worse-case scenarios seem to be lurking behind every mast and bulkhead.

The Devil's Widow, And Other Stories
By Richard A. Average
Illustrations by Walter Gurbo


​A twist-turning escape into ten magical realism stories of Man’s relation to the Sea, Love, Life and Death, these ten gems will entertain and give pause to the reader, whether she or he be landlubber or sailor.

Author Richard A. Average is an “old sea dog” with a twinkle in his eye, and a magical touch to describing both Seafaring and Landlubber realms.   

The whimsical illustrations of Walter Gurbo, formerly the artist for the Back Page of The Village Voice, are the perfect counterbalance to Mr. Average’s magical realism stories.

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