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Dean Roberts

Three Poetic Philosophical Offerings by Dean Roberts

Dean-Fix Head.jpg

I'll Fix My Head Before I'm Dead 

by Dean Roberts


Dean Roberts is a poet who cut his teeth on Marcus Aurelius. He's put together a chapbook of delightful homespun poems, mixed in with unbeatable philosophy. The book will make you think and also laugh out loud.

With wistful overtones and a stream of consciousness uninterrupted by punctuation, you cannot help but fall into rhythm with Roberts' thoughts as he reflects on a life lived to its fullest. Roberts offers an open invitation to relive some of his most vulnerable moments and never fails to cap each story with a moral he gleaned from it.

Flowers in the Barnyard

by Dean Roberts


"I'm an expert. I know as much about die cutting plywood as anybody, but most of what's in this book are questionable homegrown theories. However, there are two concepts that I feel quite certain about: 1. Study, exercise, meditate and write everyday. 2. Each instant offers an opportunity to improve things by either thought or deed. By doing this, I have continually improved what started out as a really uncomfortable situation. I hope you find something amusing and maybe insightful on these pages."

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DR--Pick It Up.jpg

Pick it Up, Put it Back, Write it Down, Do it Now 

by Dean Roberts


A compilation of Roberts' thoughts on self-management taken from the past 40 years of his journals. In it, he combines homegrown wisdom with his often humorous homespun poems that give the reader a sense of down-to-earthiness you won't find on the shelves of pretentious high-brow bookstores. Roberts' free-from-convention style is incredibly refreshing--like a rare flower discovered on a woodland walk. 

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