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Vance A. Larson, 1951-2010

was an abstract expressionist painter and portrait painter. A prolific artist, during his career he painted over 10,000 original works of art and won over 30 Best of Show awards in major art shows from Dallas to Beverly Hills. Larson's paintings are displayed in collections throughout the world. More information and artwork wan be viewed at his artist blog:

The Lifestar, the pinnacle painting of Larson's hard-edge period.

The Lifestar

Original oil on canvas, 30" X 40"

We are seeking museum placement for this magnificent painting,

which was the culmination of Larson's early hard-edge period.

Please address inquiries to:

Valerie Haynes

PO Box 86

Gilbertsville, New York 13776

Descendant of Adam

Descendant of Adam
Oil on canvas, from Larson's early hard-edge period

Angel Ascending

Angel Ascending

Pastel, from California period

Blue Note

Blue Note

from hard-edge period


from California period

Larson's famous pastel, Kokopelli Gold

Kokopelli Gold

Pastel, from Arizona period

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