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Young Readers

Sammy--A Short Horse Story

Written and Illustrated by Joseph Del Giacco


Sammy—A Short Horse Story is about a chubby small horse named Sammy, and his family: Maggie, Henry, Sue, Bonny and Betsy. Maggie, the grandmother, is a full-sized horse, and can’t help being bossy to the others, who are all miniature horses. But one day Sammy is challenged to race Maggie! Who will win?



Bridge Over Willow River
     Stories for All Ages
By Jerry Rudnitsky
Illustrated by Linda Cook DeVona
Thirty stories by storyteller and former teacher Jerry Rudnitski

Here in the village of Willowville we find the real experiences of life: the joys and challenges of childhood, the mysteries that linger in a community, the dangerous situations we can find ourselves in, the celebrations of life, the unexpected, and always...people helping each other.

     And in Willowville, the past and future exist all around us—their people and events—and sometimes the sensitive soul can see it.

Benjie Cover-crop.jpg

Benjie the Bullfrog

Written and Illustrated by Alberta L. Hutchinson

The story of a frog who decides to leave his pond to find adventure, to find his long-lost grandfather and, most of all, to find a place where he can sing! 

He travels great distances and meets many animals--but will he find his dreams in the great world beyond?

Forty pages of beautiful full-color illustrations by Alberta Hutchinson.



The Orphan and the Christmas Tree

By Edward C. Colwell

Illustrated by Alberta L. Hutchinson

A perennial best-seller, The Orphan and the Christmas Tree by Edward C. Colwell, is the story of a young orphan boy who is facing his first Christmas without his parents. He finds solace from a lonely Christmas tree high on a hill, who tells him of the beautiful afterlife in Heaven.

Gorgeously illustrated in full color by Alberta Hutchinson.



Apple Elves Cover-crop.jpg

The Catskill Mountain Apple Elves

Created by Linda Champenois Kertzman


A magical picture book that will delight readers of all ages with its image of the charming elfin figures of Linda Champenois Kertzman...

And its timeless message that you can defeat negativity and make it on your own!


FLF Front Cover Final.jpg

The Fearful Little Fairy

Written and Illustrated by Linda Champenois Kertzman


A beautiful baby fairy girl becomes very fearful  as she grows older...


But then she begins to lose her fears... she begins to fly!



cover JBDW-crop.jpg

Jellybeans and Dragon Wheels

Written by Robert Van Wormer

Illustrated by Dianne L. Robillard


A fairy tale that takes us to the Kingdom of Brindel's Nook, where a scary and mean dragon is attacking people and eating their feet! Why is he doing these terrible things and what can be done about it?

As fortune would allow, a poor young knight, Archibald J. Macfeezelwicker knows how to handle dragons, using his knowledge of jellybeans. And if he can tame this dragon, he might win the hand of Lisa Lu, the princess with the beautiful feet.



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