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Forrest Bachner

A compelling historical novel of Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold

The Colour of the Times
A novel of the American Revolution

By Forrest Bachner

In April 1776, three years into what would come to be known as the revolutionary War, Margaret (Peggy) Shippen met Major General Benedict Arnold of the Continental Army.

He was thirty-six, the hero of Ticonderoga, Valcour Island, Saratoga, and arguably the most revered filed commander in the country. 

She was eighteen, the highly educated daughter of a leading Philadelphia family, a renowned beauty and, along with a fifth of the white population, a British loyalist.

This sweeping historical saga arrives at on of the most defining, yet least appreciated moments in American history.

Bachner's novel of making peace with a move to Upstate New York

Alone In Onasego
By Forrest Bachner

In the late 1990s, Anna Lawson, a lifestyle columnist for Manhattan Living Magazine, agrees to move her troubled family from the rush and thrill of the Big Apple to what will surely be a simpler, more manageable life in upstate New York. She has no idea that betrayal, romance, and her worst nightmare, all await in the proud and determined small town of Onasego. At once funny, tragic, and wise, ALONE IN ONASEGO combines urban-rural divide, the tight grip of family, and one woman’s grudging search for herself.

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