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Creative Provinces is built around an extraordinarily creative idea, and Haynes delivers a wealth of innovative examples that will enthrall her audience.
                                     BookLife Prize Review

Creative Provinces--A New World of Enchanting and Empowered Communities
By Valerie Ann Larson Haynes

We can literally create a world... where Camelot, the Roman Empire, the Wild West, Shangri-la, the Tribal Nations, Victorian England, Pharaonic Egypt, Middle Earth, the Vikings, Rustic Hawaii, the Garden of Eden, Space Cities, and Santa’s North Pole... all really exist.

We are not talking theme park. We mean Really Exist.

Creative Provinces presents an inspirational structure for creating the most enchanting communities you can imagine--a unique culture, travelway, industry, or environment--by a community of people powerfully organized as a group of private properties. And it gives hundreds of ideas, examples, and illustrations to inspire the reader to create "Communities as Art."


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I'm Sick of This Already
At-Risk Learning in a High School Class
By Ginnah Howard

It’s the first day of school at Stanton Central High. The teacher stands by the door as ready as she’s going to be. The 6B Improvement of Language Skills class bursts in: Neal, with a shaved head; Joe, wearing three earrings; Vance, in dark glasses and a heavy navy jacket, the same one he wore the few days he attended last year… plus the other fourteen. “I’m hungry”… “I hate English” … “I’m sick of this already.” And so the new year begins. We will be with them for two semesters and we will get to know them all. We’ll read their poems and journals. Be in on their muttered remarks and jokes. We’ll see what they put in their Time Capsules and hear what they have to say in their interviews. We’ll listen to their discussions as they watch Great Expectations. Many of us will come to care about all of them and be sad when some of them run away or get arrested or become pregnant. We’ll understand why this teacher is relieved when Stan and Mike are both absent on a subzero Monday in the middle of February. Lots of days, we’ll give her a gold star for her efforts.

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