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Poetry, Spirituality, and Art Books

The Bright Side of Dark
by Heather Danielle Ashley

Thirty-two poems of beautiful and searing quality by Heather Danielle Ashley, who has spent her first twenty-three years battling two rare genetic illnesses: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and Chairi Malformation. The poems in a subtle way evoke the poet's lifelong experiences with these challenges.

Fireflies, by Rabindranath Tagore

Illustrated in Full Color and in Black & White by Alberta Hutchinson

Fireflies is a collection of brief poems by Rabindranath Tagore, the famed Indian poet and recipient of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature. In the words of the poet, “Fireflies had their origin in China and Japan where thoughts were very often claimed from me in my handwriting on fans and pieces of silk.”


In these two treasured volumes, all 253 poems of Fireflies are beautifully illustrated--one volume in black and white, and another in full color--by prolific artist, designer and author, Alberta Hutchinson. Hutchinson also designed 253 different and unique decorative borders to frame each illustrated poem to enhance its mood and energy.

Although Hutchinson did not create the black and white edition of Fireflies as a coloring book, it can be used with great creativity in that way. See Hutchinson's colored version of the book for inspiration.

Proceeds from the sale of these books go to the Ninash Foundation.

Fireflies color cover.jpg
Fireflies B&W cover.jpg

Blue Roses Evergreen Tree
by Bonnie Elizabeth Kendrick

The poems of Blue Roses Evergreen Tree sing of love, longing, light, and awareness form the poet's life, travels on the paths of Yoga, nuclear disarmament activism, and friendship with Native Americans.

Dean-Fix Head.jpg

I'll Fix My Head Before I'm Dead 

by Dean Roberts


Dean Roberts is a poet who cut his teeth on Marcus Aurelius. He's put together a chapbook of delightful homespun poems, mixed in with unbeatable philosophy. The book will make you think and also laugh out loud.

With wistful overtones and a stream of consciousness uninterrupted by punctuation, you cannot help but fall into rhythm with Roberts' thoughts as he reflects on a life lived to its fullest. Roberts offers an open invitation to relive some of his most vulnerable moments and never fails to cap each story with a moral he gleaned from it.

Flowers in the Barnyard

by Dean Roberts


"I'm an expert. I know as much about die cutting plywood as anybody, but most of what's in this book are questionable homegrown theories. However, there are two concepts that I feel quite certain about: 1. Study, exercise, meditate and write everyday. 2. Each instant offers an opportunity to improve things by either thought or deed. By doing this, I have continually improved what started out as a really uncomfortable situation. I hope you find something amusing and maybe insightful on these pages."

DR--Flowers in Barnyard.jpg
DR--Pick It Up.jpg

Pick it Up, Put it Back, Write it Down, Do it Now 

by Dean Roberts


A compilation of Roberts' thoughts on self-management taken from the past 40 years of his journals. In it, he combines homegrown wisdom with his often humorous homespun poems that give the reader a sense of down-to-earthiness you won't find on the shelves of pretentious high-brow bookstores. Roberts' free-from-convention style is incredibly refreshing--like a rare flower discovered on a woodland walk. 

My Palitana.jpg

My Palitana (India) 

Written and Illustrated by Alberta Hutchinson

A spiritual offering from Alberta Hutchinson, this small and beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of the author/illustrator's life-changing journey to a sacred site on a mountain in India.

Night Drawings and Meditations I and II

Written and Illustrated by Alberta Hutchinson

Created over a period of years, the poetic passages and images came to Hutchinson during nighttime meditations, and have universal meanings that reflect divine beauty and wisdom.

Night Drawings 1.jpg
Night Drawings II.jpg
Songs of Symmetry.jpg

Songs of Symmetry 

Written and Illustrated by Alberta Hutchinson

Hutchinson presents a work that illustrates her philosophy of the interconnected oneness of all Life. From the hand lettering of her poetry and prose, which she uses to maintain its natural artistic rhythms, to the hand-drawn purity of her intricate borders, the oneness of Space, Time, Mind, and Being are expressed in a synergy of magnificent patterns and images that permeates nature.

100 Color Meditations on the Sacred Healing Buddha

Illustrated by Alberta Hutchinson

A spiritual offering from master designer and colorist Alberta Hutchinson, this unique book presents two Buddha images displayed in 100 unique ways, in full-color, with elaborate border designs. Each illustrated page is on a separate sheet for the option of using them in displays.


100 Color Med Buddha.webp
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