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Joseph Del Giacco

To commission artwork by Joseph DelGiacco, please contact the artist:
PO Box 97, Mt. Upton, New York13809
Tel: 607-783-2364

Featured Work:

"Bar Scene at the Old Empire Hotel"

A 3D Clay Painting...

Shown at the show,
On the Trail of Art

The Butternut Valley Alliance's free annual Arts Festival weekend in General Jacob Morris State Forest, Morris, NY

June 2023,

DelGiacco's Women
3-D Clay Paintings for Commissioning

JD--Cat Lady-3.JPG

Cat Girl

JD--Strawberry Fields.jpg

Strawberry Fields

DelGiacco's Chairs
Chair Sculptures for Commissioning

DG--Horse Chair.jpg
JD--Patriot Chairs.jpg

DelGiacco's Bar Scenes
3-D Clay Paintings for Commissioning

JD-Red Dress Bar.jpg
JG--Bar Women.jpg
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