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Robert Van Wormer

I Want Pisgeddi
by Robert Van Wormer
Illustrated by Alberta Hutchinson

A fun and gastronomical coloring book for children of all ages, with charming text by Robert Van Wormer, and homespun images for coloring by Alberta Hutchinson. 

It will make you hungry, and especially for spaghetti! A perfect coloring activity for the kids while they're waiting for their favorite meal to be prepared!

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Jellybeans and Dragon Wheels

Written by Robert Van Wormer

Illustrated by Dianne L. Robillard


A fairy tale that takes us to the Kingdom of Brindel's Nook, where a scary and mean dragon is attacking people and eating their feet! Why is he doing these terrible things and what can be done about it?

As fortune would allow, a poor young knight, Archibald J. Macfeezelwicker knows how to handle dragons, using his knowledge of jellybeans. And if he can tame this dragon, he might win the hand of Lisa Lu, the princess with the beautiful feet.



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