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Illume Advisory Board



Valerie Haynes
Author, Founding Editor of Illume Writers & Artists, and Editor of Illume Publications, Gilbertsville, New York
Valerie comes from a family of artists, and has a lifelong interest in the arts. She studied political science at the University of Connecticut and began her career as an officer in the U. S. Marine Corps, then as a professional staff member of the U. S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. She later became an independent writer, editor, and publisher in the arts and sciences.
Valerie is the author of Doctor Goldbunny, book one of the modern fable trilogy, and Creative Provinces--A New World of Enchanting and Empowered Communities, both published by Illume.

Walter Gurbo
Artist and Illustrator, New Berlin, New York, and Ashville, North Carolina
Betty Ann Fraley
Artist, New Berlin, New York
Ginnah Howard
Author, Gilbertsville, New York
Joseph DelGiacco
Artist, Gilbertsville, New York
Harry T. Barnes
Author, and Editor of Bear Creek Books, East Meredith, New York
Richard A. Average
Author, and Editor of Old Seadog Books, Franklin, New York
Dennis Lauchman
Owner of Butternut Valley Books, Gilbertsville, New York
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