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About Illume Writers & Artists


Welcome to Illume Writers & Artists. We are a cooperative of writers and artists of all types, who help each other manifest our creations and disseminate our ideas. Many of us are highly skilled in complimentary fields such as publishing, editing, book design, and book illustration, enabling us to assist each other with producing and marketing our creative and intellectual works.  We are based out of Gilbertsville New York, and work with writers and artists throughout New York and beyond.

Illume Writers & Artists publishes books that fit its publishing  quality standards, and its Vision, “to illuminate.” 


Illume authors, illustrators, and imprint editors operate independently under the Illume publishing umbrella. All Illume books require quality assurance review and approval by Illume before publication.

Illume authors and illustrators are independent entrepreneurs: Once Illume publishes their book, authors, artists, and imprint editors keep ownership of their work and their royalties. They are free to market and distribute their book as they wish.



Illume Imprints

Illume Publications, Editor: Valerie Haynes

Bear Creek Books, Editor: Harry T. Barnes

MomCat Books, Editor: Elizabeth Gayle

**NEW!**: Butternut Valley Grange Publications,

Editors: Butternut Valley Grange Editorial Board 

Old Sea Dog Books, Editor: Richard A. Average

Home Made Books, Editor: Alberta Hutchinson*

Pigtail Alley Books, Editor: Robert Van Wormer*

Linden Tree Books, Editor: Linda Champenois Kertzman*


*Deceased; current editorial direction taken up by other Illume editors.


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